About Us

Nutritionist Buffalo is well known throughout the state of New York in providing dependable services specializing in the diet and nutrition field. Our main focus is Buffalo, New York and the surrounding areas. If you are further than this, and feel you might benefit from our services, give us a call and we can refer you to excellent resources for your personal circumstances. We provide “Personal Trainers” and “Nutritional Counseling”. Our experts are on call to help you with your special dietary needs. At Nutritionist Buffalo we are very dedicated in serving the public with education and awareness programs.

Dedicated to serving our community

We have a formulated assessment program which guarantees our success and yours by ensuring you are enrolled or directed to the nutrition and dietary specialist most helpful to your personal needs and status. All dietary/nutritional instructors and specialists are certified and specifically trained in their area of expertise. It is important to us at Nutritionist Buffalo that you live your life to it’s fullest with sound nutritional practices. It is our goal and our mission to set you on the pathway of success, rather it is for weight loss, maintaining your weight, building your immune system, or dietary help in fighting a preexisting condition. Sometimes it can get rather complicated trying to follow diet guidelines from your physician, or taking care of an elderly parent. We are here to help you sort it out. Nutritionist Buffalo is on your side offering affordable dietary and nutritional plans for all ages, and all walks of life.